Energy Providers – How to Choose an Electricity Provider

It has happened to you that your energy company doesn’t fully satisfy your needs? Or you are not satisfied with the current level of service? Perhaps, you have asked yourself about whether you should change your energy provider a long time ago? Well, in that case you should definitely shop around and look for some alternative energy providers.

In most cases, getting your electricity from energy providers – as opposed to local utility companies – may be far more beneficial and more cost-effective due to several reasons. If the state you live in has deregulated the energy market, then it is likely that there is a vibrant competition between the energy providers, which, in turn, sends the prices down. Another fact why this may a better idea is because energy providers tend to manage price fluctuations more efficiently, thus it becomes easier to forecast your monthly bills.

After all, many energy providers in the USA are also much greener companies than the local utilities. So, if you are concerned about the environment and climate change, you may opt to get some or all of your energy from renewable sources. Therefore, energy providers in deregulated energy markets provide more flexibility and a higher level of service. So, you may definitely consider switching to such a provider.

Find Out the Basic Information

Before you will go ahead and cancel the contract with your current utility company, you should gather all necessary information on this matter. This is the most easy-to-follow advice, yet it is mostly underrated and overlooked by most customers. If you don’t know the terms of your current contract, then go ahead and dig up all the information you need.

In particular, you may aim to ask yourself some of these questions:

  • What is my monthly electricity bill?
  • What is the rate per kilowatt hour?
  • Is this rate fixed or variable?
  • How much electricity do I consume each month?
  • Does any part of the energy come from the renewables?
  • Does my contract expire soon?
  • Is there a cancellation fee in the contract?

Once you have got to know this basic information, you may start analyzing whether it is worth to switch to a new energy provider. For instance, you may write down the pros and cons for sticking with your current utility company and switching to another provider – this will help you decide easier whether it is worth it at all.

Analyze the Market and Check Out Different Energy Providers

If you have taken a decision to switch to a new energy provider, the next step of yours should be researching the market. It is highly recommended to carefully look into this matter and analyze all the companies that offer energy delivery services to you. You may also read customer reviews about these companies.

Indeed, it is likely that your main concern will be the price of energy. However, there several questions you should ask yourself when thinking about choosing a particular company:

  • What is the company’s quality of customer service?
  • Does the customer service respond to the customer complaints?
  • Does the company offer promotions for new customers?
  • Is there a fee for cancelling a contract and/or switching the energy provider?
  • What share of electricity comes from renewable sources?

At this point, you should set a few aspects as your main priorities (you may assign points to each of the factors) and select a few good energy providers in this way.

Check the Company’s Background

As soon as you have selected one or several favorite companies, you should thoroughly research what the customers think of them. Find out what the customers think of these companies. Also, make sure that your tariff plan is as plain and simple as possible. Moreover, if a company is environmentally friendly and socially responsible, that’s a plus.

Contact the Company and Sign Contract

Once you have selected the energy provider of your choice, you should check the company’s address (or phone number) and declare your wish to become their client. Then, you should just arrange all the formalities and sign a contract with your new energy provider.

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